jBloom Designs

If you’ve landed on this page… welcome.

I want it to be clear that my goal on this blog is not to sell you things,

but to “sell you” ON things… like: Loving Jesus-  Knowing Him and being KNOWN by Him,

Believing for more; Discovering Hope

Loving yourself; Knowing your worth; reaching for dreams

and speaking the things to yourself that your heart sooo often needs to hear.

That’s my “why”

Enter jBloom. It’s very simply just a beautiful way to do allll that. It’s jewelry and chill cups, designed for you or by you, that touches all the places of worth that a woman needs to “hear”.

I saw jBloom for the first time and said, “I HAVE to sell that.” Not because I was a jewelry wearer – I wasn’t. Not because I needed an extra gig or a #sidehustle- I didn’t. And not because I was bored and needed one more thing to do, or a GNO (girls night out) because – I don’t.  All those things are good… but they aren’t my “why”.

My why was… is… this is a beautiful and inspiring way to keep before you what your heart needs to hear! Speak it out! Call it out! Write it out! Claim it, believe it, & promote it for yourself! Remind yourself of it! And now… do that with beautiful jewelry or amazing chill cups. ❤️ Come on #sisterfriends… its a need. A legitimate need. What is before us daily, thought continually, spoken audaciously… becomes what we believe . That makes it something we NEEED to keep before us. And jBloom is a lovely way to do that.

And yes, so now…I admit, yup…  I do sell it. And I’d love to ADORN you with it, simply because it’s important to understand the value in ADORING ourselves.

I won’t be pushy. Promise. That’s why it’s all tucked here on a page you have to decide to click. “Pushy” is not marketing I’m not interested in doing. I want NOBLE , not “salesy” . But hey – if you see a blog post you read and loved; then, found it resonates with something within you, something your heart needs to hear… then come get you a piece of jBloom to put it on and keep it before you daily.

I’d love to help you find a piece of jBloom to help you keep THAT important thing before you, in a beautiful, daily way.

Come to this page and wander.

I’m going to have examples based off of posts I’ve done. I’ll add more all the time. And keep in mind- many of them you can change the personalization and make it your own.

Here’s the website :


Copy and paste it and then go visit the catalog, and if you feel inspired, shop…

jBloom is a Faith based and founded company, owned and run by amazing people who believe that women around the world are created for more and that #givingback to them, and allowing them ways to also give back, grow and flourish, truly does, make a difference.

They’ve created a #sisterhood that is awesome and that pours into those of us who sell, those who buy, and even into those who create the jewelry. They support Kings Kids Village , an orphanage in Africa, and offer the women of that village opportunity to make some of our jewelry so they can in turn, support themselves.  That’s huge to me. I need to be a part of something that gives back. It’s in my bones. My spirit. My “why”… Making a difference and supporting other women around the world is life giving and life changing! And I’m blessed to be a part of that!

We’re a small tribe. Just starting to grow nationwide and it’s an exciting time to become involved , with only 2000 (ish) women as Designers right now ! We are on a fast track to our dreams with this company and while that’s cool- what’s more important to me, is that we are also on a mission to #makeadifference!

Come check out my website… you might just find the perfect piece to personalize.




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