A long time ago, God set in my heart the desire to write. Within my heart are many desires of how I’d like to use that for Him, but here are a few of the ways I am currently serving Him with that gift.


Art is when you do work that matters in a creative way, in a way that touches people and changes them for the better.  –Seth Godin

Below is an excerpt from Hope*Writers… I can’t say enough about this Tribe of people and how they have begun pouring in to me,
and so… I just want to give them some props .. here..
in my little space of the internet.
I believe this new Squad of mine when they tell me “I can” write
and that I am”a writer”. So give me just a minute to honor them.

Following is an excpert from HopeWriters:

“We believe words can change the world and we think you believe that, too.

But we all know the only way our words can make a difference for people is if people know they exist.

Enter: the weird life of a writer. It’s one thing to write words. It’s another thing to share them.

It can end up feeling there is a giant gap between the words you write and the people you want to read them.

Hope*writers exists to stand in the gap for you, to help you not feel so weird about sharing your words, and offer training, advice, support and encouragement as you find a way to close the gap in your timing and in your own way.”

Thank you Hope*writers, you have re inspired a desire set in my heart long ago!




April 19, 2019 I opened an email and an invitation from Joyful Life Magazine. “We would like to invite you to be a devotion writer on our team.”  It was undoing. It was a perfect reminder that God sees me, and I am known. He put this desire to write in my heart and here He was offering me the gift of aligning with a ministry to share HIM. I’m still undone. And it there is even more…. following a short time writing with them, they then invited me to allow them to print some of my articles in their first book, a devotional book called “Everyday Joy”. WHATTTT even was this? I couldn’t believe the grace and the kind kind ways, God had of telling me… I see you. I know you. I love you. You are enough and this gift I’ve given you has My power behind it.

HE is good. And I am blessed. I pray my journey with The Joyful Life Magazine gets to continue beyond these things someday. That is the MORE in my heart right now, the dream I’m no longer afraid to speak, but am so grateful to be allowed to hold.




It might not seem like a big deal, but to me, it’s serving. Every week for the last 2 years, I’ve been invited in to a place of sacredness … sharing a devotion with my women’s group at church. It’s a time of going deep into a devotion and then landing on points that I felt the Lord’s leading in. I get to write and expound on this devotion with the Spirits leading, to develop on more truth, anchor more hope, lead to living water, equip, encourage and edify and just share some insights and depths He reveals to me… and it’s honest, my favorite morning of the week. It’s a blessing to serve my people through serving my Lord.



INSTAGRAM @HomesteaderKay

Seriously. I love that space, and it will be where you find me writing the most, sharing my life, my homestead, my thoughts, my fears, my dreams and so much more. I hope you follow me there and say HI so I can follow you back!


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