Art is when you do work that matters in a creative way, in a way that touches people and changes them for the better.  –Seth Godin

Below is an excerpt from Hope*Writers… I can’t say enough about this Tribe of people and how they have begun pouring in to me,
and so… I just want to give them some props .. here..
in my little space of the internet.
I believe this new Squad of mine when they tell me “I can” write
and that I am”a writer”. So give me just a minute to honor them.


“We believe words can change the world and we think you believe that, too.

But we all know the only way our words can make a difference for people is if people know they exist.

Enter: the weird life of a writer. It’s one thing to write words. It’s another thing to share them.

It can end up feeling there is a giant gap between the words you write and the people you want to read them.

Hope*writers exists to stand in the gap for you, to help you not feel so weird about sharing your words, and offer training, advice, support and encouragement as you find a way to close the gap in your timing and in your own way.”

Thank you Hope*writers, you have re inspired a desire set in my heart long ago!



ANGELS OF OPPORTUNITY                                                                 ~ Homesteader Kay

You’ve given me a precious one to love and watch grow up and I can’t believe the joy I have, oh, thank You for this cup!
Those tiny little hands and feet, those big and wondering eyes…
I pray he’ll learn to look to You and know You’ll hear his cries.
He’s growing, Lord, and now, has even learned to talk.
Now give me words to teach him Lord, on how to pray and walk!
His little knees upon the floor, his eyelids closed so tight…
I know you’ll hear him when he prayers with all his heart and might!
Oh, once again I praise You, Lord, for what You’ve given me!
A wondrous gift of a child so sweet and an
Angel of Opportunity!
Please help me Lord, do all I can to lead this child to You!
I can’t imagine the pain and loss or the grief I’d put You through.
This child of mine, this precious one, does not belong to me.
Help me Lord, remember, that he’s Your
Angel of Opportunity!
You’ve given me this joyful cup to fill up with Your love.
This little one, this child of Yours was sent from heaven above.
And as I watch him grow dear God, I realize this truth:
This little child believes in You and his faith does not need proof!
I thought the plan was for me to teach a child about Your ways,
but now I see that in his eyes is undoubting faith and praise!
Help me with a child like faith , learn to look to You;
and with steadfast heart and willing mind do all I’ve promised to.
I know that You are in me Lord, for I have asked forgiveness.
Now shine real bright and let Your light be seen and not extinguished!
And may I make the most, dear God, of what You’ve given me.
I thank you God for the chance to love, Your
Angel of Opportunity!
I’ve brought him up the best I could and have loved him all his days.
I’ve taught him of Your steadfast love and of Your amazing grace!
But what he’s taught to me oh, God, can surely only be…
to have childlike faith and words of praise like this
Angel of Opportunity:

(poem insert by my Son, Tyler Lunsford at 10 years old)
O Holy Light, You shine so bright, You’re such a Holy Light.
you are in my soul. You help me see at night.
You are my Guardian, You guide me through my life
O Holy Light, You shine so bright, You’re such a Holy Light.

It is such a simple thought, such a simple phrase…
A priceless reminder of what can’t be bought,
the words of a child giving praise!
So genuine, so true, showing what childlike faith can do.
Heartfelt love, learned from above; an example to me and to you.
Our children are such precious gifts on loan to you and me.
Let us not blow out the light, in these
Angels of Opportunity!

white face decoration christmas
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


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