Homesteader Kay

So, TIME to learn a little bit more about this HOMESTEADER CHICK!
I’m Kay
I’m a wife, a mom, a homesteader, a prison ministry leader, a friend, a water company employee, a speaker, a Huntington’s Disease advocate, a Hope*Writer and now,
a blogger! LOL
I LOVE to write and garden and cook, and my pets are family! And hey… lets just be real. Being a homesteader is mostly associated with a self sufficiency lifestyle. In it you create products to use in your own life or to sell, grow your own food, live off the land, build your own home and often can actually live all or partially, “off grid”. Welllll…we do some of those things. Our gardens are huge and I love to can and “put up” all my harvests. We have tons of animals and about 130 acres to roam and glean from, annnnd we are able to live in our house as we build it; which has been a process now for 12 years and so while my house is sooo unfinished,that’s ok.. it’s a part of my story, and that’s pretty unfinished too.
I have a homesteading, national scrabble playing, machine shop owning, football crazed husband, and 2 beautiful grown kids – enter Anna and Tyler- living life with the loves of their life ; and whom all have amazing careers and homesteading ways of their own.
The house is mostly ruled by a crazy Husky named Louis and a sweet Beagle named Tillie and you are sure to find a slew of farm cats, horses, chickens and family dogs all up here on this Land !
We live in this paradise with my husband’s whole family, who have been here for 35 years or so… We affectionately call my In-Laws home the “Big House”! LOL The rest of us are scattered around the acreage and friends humorously refer to it all as “the Compound” . We just like to call it “The Land”.

You’ll find me as often as possible, spending time on my porches… one with an Eastern view of the Mississippi River and flood plain, and the other with breath taking views of a landscape that boasts the most beautiful of sunsets. It’s where I go to process, to ponder. To remember, to forget. To woolgather and sit in quiet with God. It’s where I take a steaming cup o’ Joe and wish away at the stars or welcome in the Creator’s hues of a new day. It’s my place. It’s all my place. This Land, this family, this life…

…but friends, once upon a time..

I lived a very very different life from the one I do now..
As a child I lived very very afraid.
All the time.
I felt insignificant, unimportant and unloved,
and I thought that would always be my identity…
My “first family” was full of emotional, physical and sexual abuse, neglect, addictions and gangs.
My “second family” was full of confusing mindsets, religion and expectation and feelings of “not enough”.
And alll that spilled over into creating a bubble of fear and a bad self image that I felt I could never escape.
NOW… I have HOPE and FAITH that is greater than Fear…and THAT became what unlocked me. Chains have fallen off and my spirit is renewed with who I am created to be! My circumstances did not define me, but they did serve to form me, and I want to take those things I’ve been through, feelings I’ve felt, experiences that molded me and turn them into tools to use to help others who are also bound by those same kinds of chains of fear and feelings of not enough; who are mired in the belief that they have no significance, importance, worth or reasons to be loved.
Oh, friends… those are such untruths. Stick around and let’s talk some LIFE! Let’s park in some positive places and learn to embrace who we are… still standing. Flawsome and often wounded Warriors…yet beautiful, purposeful,strong, and wanted and … man… “needed”. The world needs us, Brave one. It needs us to show that gracefully broken is beautiful; that flawed is not unworthy; and that “hurt” is not quicksand. And hey, I’m gonna talk about God here. Expect it. Don’t like it? That’s ok too. Seriously… that’s all ok. You do you… but let me do me, and I can’t water down the truth of what He has become to me. So, consider you’re self foretold. 🙂

I don’t have all the answers. I certainly don’t have it all together, but gosh… I’ve grown in confidence, HOPE, and empowerment and I have found the good in embracing GRACE and then, giving it back to all.
We all have stories, Sister. The bottom line though, is always… be kind. Just because you walked into a particular chapter of someone’s life, does not mean, you get to define them by that place. Let’s move out of Love, Girls!!!
Love does… (you should totes read that book by the way, by Bob Goff) … so let’s do THAT.

And so, now,
I just want you to know, I live in a place of relationship, not religion…
That’s the nutshell.. but none of it insignificant. None of it.
And Friend…neither is any of yours. Let’s let this place be a space for that kind of freedom! K? A spot to come and breathe with each other in openness and transparency and grace… and then… pick a tool we need in our own arsenal and go out to the world and LOVE on them with it.

I’m glad you’re here. Get yourself a cup 0′ Joe, or whatever your favorite beverage is and pull up a porch seat. You’re welcome here.